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The Magic of Robert Wong


The Calgary Sun

Sharing is Simply Magical


Calgarian Robert Wong is on a magical journey that has quickly become a most rewarding experience.


Wong, 38, is a local magician and motivational speaker who recently launched a program in Calgary - Project Magic - aimed at giving the gift of magic to people with various physical, psychological and developmental disabilities.

Project Magic was first created by the renowned David Copperfield in 1982.


Wong volunteers his time and energy to introduce people with those disabilities to magic and teach them how to do tricks on their own, effectively boosting their self-confidence and their self-esteem.


"I'm helping them gain a skill, a skill not all normal kids can do in the first place. That really helps them feel special," he says. "It gives me a sense of awe and wonderment. It's the creation of something really beautiful, to see these kids grab on to something because they're thirsty for it."


Wong has been implementing Project Magic with Calgary's Between Friends Club - an organization that provides social and recreational programs for youth with any type of disability - since the spring and he says sharing his talent has been one of the most rewarding experiences of his life.


Chris Gerritsen