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The Magic of Robert Wong


Athabasca Advocate

Communicating Through Magic


The audience waits. Curious, expectant, and perhaps slightly skeptical, they watch the magic unfold. The magician has their attention. They watch his hands, his every move, caught between the lure of the magic and the intellectual desire to know how he does it. All the while his voice and his actions pitch a message that weaves itself in, around, and through the magic.As a magician, Robert Wong's message varies. It can be a promotional one introducing the new Safeway Club Card. It can be a philosophical one, explaining PanCanadian Petroleum's approach to risk management. Or, for example, it can be a motivational one to the employees at the Calgary Young Offender Centre, reinforcing their pursuit of excellence. The term he uses to describe his show is interactive magic. Robert Wong's goal is to entice, educate, and entertain you. And hopefully change your perspective a bit.


Robert, a native Calgarian, began his career in magic at the age of 11. In order to overcome his own natural shyness, he taught himself to perform his magic in public. He developed an array of tricks and a presentation style. His self-confidence grew and the applause hooked him.Determined to live his dream, he looked for ways to combine his artistic abilities as a magician with his need to make a living. In 1989 he saw his first corporate magician. The magic was used to promote a company's product.


This sparked an idea. What if the product was ideas?


Robert had done many different kinds of work from disk jockey, to sales representative, to aerobics instructor. He learned that all of these occupations demand good communication skills and the ability to motivate people.


Why not broaden the audience and use magic to get a message across?And so began Robert's own personal style of motivational speaking - "Magic That Motivates".Robert says, "I have discovered the role which I am to play in life, and that is to help others find theirs."


A major problem in communicating, particularly in the business world, is simply understanding what the other person is saying. Robert believes that humour and visual aids are great vehicles to help communicate a message.


As a career consultant, I'm always interested in how people make their living. Robert's first love has always been the magic but it's hard to make a living as a professional magician. Motivational speakers, on the other hand, play to a Much wider range of audiences. Robert has customized his presentation so that it's conducive to seminars, workshops, sales meetings, keynote speaking, conferences and promotions. Robert says, "All I'm doing is combining everything that I love in my life, magic, public speaking, and the desire to be true to one's self." His own personal message? "If you do something you love for a living, you'll never work another day for the rest of your life." Too true!


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